Sights & Sounds

Friday, October 14, 2016

What makes a church stand out over another?

  • Focusing on Traditional or Contemporary Worship?
  • Extensive Activities for Children?
  • A Strong Music Program?
  • A Great Preacher?
  • Well-Organized Social Activities for a Wide Variety of Groups?


We thought you might like to get a taste of who we are before you visit. Please explore the links and pictures surrounding this page. Check out our Bible classes, listen to some sermons, and listen to congregational singing.

At the Springville church of Christ, we want to be known for one thing. We don’t offer social activities. We don’t work to follow traditional or contemporary patterns. We love to sing to God as a congregation but do not have performances, bands or programs. We offer an opportunity to worship God like the first churches did.

  • A Church that patterns itself after Bible churches.

 We believe that the apostles taught the first churches how to worship God. He taught them how and when to take the Lord’s Supper, how to organize church leadership and who to appoint, what work to do as a church and what to do when they met (for example, read 1 Corinthians 4:17 about Paul’s pattern of teaching to all churches). We study the Bible to learn how to be a church like the ones the apostles established. . We try to learn what the apostle Paul said to churches about things like how to pray, how to sing and how to take communion. Then we copy those directions in our worship.

Sights and_Sounds_Collage

We don’t believe in worshiping God based on what we like. We don’t choose worship ideas based on what we think might work. We believe God is glorified when we seek His will in everything we do. It is hard sometimes, and we feel like we have a lot to learn, but we believe that is His will for us.

So the Springville church of Christ is for you if you are looking for a church that won’t do anything until they have found a “Thus says the Lord” about it in the Bible. Come see the result of that sort of thinking. Come see what simple Bible worship looks like.